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Research Administration Series

The Research Administration Series is designed specifically for those involved with the administration of sponsored programs, processes and requirements.

Human Resource Services collaborates with Sponsored Programs Services, the Office of Research Support and Operations and the Office of Internal Audit to make this series possible. Previous sessions of these courses are available as a videostream. Note: Viewing of the videostreams will not be reflected on your HRS training history.


(The entire series will be available in each of the Fall and Spring semesters)

Last updated: 12/3/2019

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Research Administration Introduction & Update

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This course provides an update into new and emerging issues related to award processing and management at WSU. It is intended for those new to research administration as well as those needing to brush up on emerging issues. Topics include new forms and availability of online entry and processing, information on improved databases and workflow processing, and policy and procedure updates. Also to be discussed, related to PI and administrative responsibilities, current issues in audits and accountability related to those responsibilities.

Life Cycle of a Sponsored Project

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This course features an overview of WSU’s grant process. It follows an award from submission to close-out, highlighting the roles and responsibilities of the principal investigator, the department administrator, the Office of Research Support and Operations and Sponsored Program Services. Definitions, resources, contacts and other helpful information are provided.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Handout | PowerPoint Presentation

Proposal Submission, Review, and Acceptance

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This workshop provides detailed information about the proposal submission process at Washington State University. Agency requests for proposals, application kits and physical requirements of the proposal are explained. Internal policies and procedures of the Office of Research Support and Operations are also described, along with a detailed discussion of the REX form and its critical elements. Information regarding award review and acceptance is also included.

Course Materials:  Presentation Notes | Sample RFP | Additional Resources Handout | PowerPoint Presentation

Understanding Facilities and Administration Costs

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This course provides insight into the purpose and use of facilities and administrative costs charged to sponsored projects. It addresses the importance of collecting those costs and WSU’s policy on exceptions to sponsors. Additionally, how WSU’s rate was derived, how it is distributed back to areas, and the options that areas have once they receive distributions are described.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Supplemental Materials | PowerPoint Presentation

Budgeting for Sponsored Projects

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This course defines sponsored projects and explains how they differ from other activities. The focus of the class is the allowability of costs, with an emphasis placed upon the Uniform Guidance (UG) and direct costs vs. facilities and administrative costs. Also included are specific aspects of estimating costs, cost categories, types of budgets and opportunities to practice basic budget exercises.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Handout | Practice Questions | PowerPoint Presentation

Award Administration: Part 1A – BALANCES and Data Warehouse

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This section of of award administration presents tricks, shortcuts and useful information about BALANCES and FACTS that are especially useful for grants management. Instructions for using reports available in BALANCES is included, as well as a segment on Data Warehouse and the various Corporate Documents especially designed for grants administration. The ultimate objective of the course is to demonstrate how to use BALANCES, FACTS and the Data Warehouse to minimize the need for a separate ancillary system.

Course Materials: PowerPoint Presentation | Presentation Notes

Award Administration: Part 1B – MyResearch

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This section of award administration presents describes the features and functions of WSU’s MyResearch portal.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation

Ins and Outs of Contracts

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This course covers issues unique to contracts at WSU. Specific topics include:

– Overview of the scope of research
– Basic definitions
– Business aspects of contracts
– Four basic principles in contracting
– WSU’s Standard Research Agreement
– Hot topics associated with contracts
– Contract close-out

Course Materials: Presentation Notes |PowerPoint Presentation


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This course describes the who, what, where and when of subcontracting, as well as WSU’s Subrecipient monitoring plan and federal Uniform Guidance requirements.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation

Research Compliance Overview

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This class provides an overview of the major regulations that affect research at Washington State University. Topics include human subjects, biological materials, animals, conflicts of interest and export controls. Discussion will also include Presidential Committees that oversee these areas of research.

Course Materials: Presentation | Notes Page

Effort Certification

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In this workshop the effort certification forms will be discussed in detail along with tips for processing them at the departmental level.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation

Cost Sharing

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In this workshop you will learn what cost sharing is, when it must be documented and reported, and why it is required by the federal government.

Course Materials:  Presentation Notes | Manual Cost Share Requirements | PowerPoint Presentation

Award Administration: Part 2 – Management of Grants

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This course provides information on the following forms:

– Sponsored Project Activity Request (SPAR)
– Expense Transfer Request (ETR)
– Self-sponsored Research/Conference account Request (Sideways Form)
– Expense Assignment Actions (EAA, justification for retroactive transfers only)
– Subcontract request form

Course Materials:  Supplemental Information | Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation

Award Administration: Part 3 – Audits and Audit Issues

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The third section of WSU’s award administration topics describes the types of audits at WSU. High-risk areas are highlighted along with tips on departmental protection.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation


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