New employees receive access to their online learning account after their hire action is successfully completed within Workday.

University Required Training

Note: The list of required trainings below are for all WSU employees. Depending on your position role and duties you may have additional required trainings. Your immediate supervisor will provide you with the information on any other required trainings for your role. All courses in a learning program must be completed to satisfy the learning program.

Navigate to the FAQs to learn how to access required courses.

Recommended Courses

  • Whistleblower Act: The intent of the Whistleblower Act enacted by the Washington State Legislature is to provide an avenue for state employees to report improper governmental actions. All WSU employees at all levels of the institution are encouraged to participate in this training.
  • Business Policies, Procedures and Records Retention: This workshop discusses how to use WSU’s Business Policies and Procedures Manual, how the manual is updated and its history. Records scheduling, records retention and state records requirements are also discussed.
  • Community and Equity 101: Defining and Cultivating Inclusive Excellence at WSU: In this interactive workshop, the presenters will articulate WSU values related to equity and inclusive excellence as participants, engage in exploring key terms related to equity and inclusion, examine notions of intent versus impact, and build knowledge around affirming language.
  • Public Records and Records Requests: As a public institution, Washington State University is obligated to produce, upon request, any records or documents it keeps of its activities. This course is designed to review the basics of the Public Records Law.

Faculty Specific Orientation

Faculty Orientation: Each fall the Office of the Provost sponsors an orientation specifically for new WSU Faculty.

Notice Regarding Students:

Some students will be assigned training in Percipio through the Journey and will receive an email notification of the requirement. Students who do not have a Percipio account will contact the content experts to identify avenues to receive the training.

Graduate students on assistantship, refer to the University Required Training above.

  1. Employee Rights & Responsibilities Under Executive Policy #15 (formerly Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Prevention) contact the Compliance and Civil Rights office
  2. Safety Training, including lab safety courses can be accessed in Canvas. Instructions available here
  3. Hazing Prevention: Contact the Center for Community Standards for questions.
  4. Cyber Security Awareness Training: Refer to EP37 – WSU Information Security Policy
  5. FERPA Training: A training form is available on the FERPA Training page managed by the Registrar’s Office.