Personalized, immersive, and accessible learning for WSU employees. Complete assigned courses and pursue your own learning journey with personalized recommendations in Percipio.

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Learner Resources

Here’s how you can get the most from the new platform: 

  • Check out Aspire Journeys for guided, role-based, and skill-based learning paths. 
  • Build skills through Channels that organize everything you should know about the most in-demand capabilities worldwide. 
  • Earn Skillsoft Digital Badges to share with your networks. 
  • Gauge your level of proficiency for a certain skill using Skill Benchmark Assessments, get a score, and receive recommendations for developing the skill.
  • Choose from videos, books, summaries, audiobooks, or hands-on labs.
  • Discover relevant content with personalized AI-driven recommendations.
  • Learn without disrupting your workflow with a unique browser plug-in. 
  • Learn anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Accelerate your growth with certification prep.

WSU updates you will see:

  • We’ve acquired Percipio Compliance as part of our new learning platform!
  • Certain employee types who previously did not have access to the Online Learning System, will now have access to specific content assigned by their Learning Administrator on our new Compliance platform.
  • These employee types include: affiliate and contingent workers, student hourly and hourly workers and graduate assistants.


Learn anywhere, anytime with the Percipio mobile app and offline play.

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Aspire Journeys
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