On-Campus Interviews | Guest Guidelines

Decisions about a career move often involve the input of a candidate’s spouse or partner. They will likely have concerns about the area’s amenities, cultural opportunities, schools, housing, job opportunities, and more. Candidates often wish to have their spouse/partner and sometimes their children or parent accompany them to his/her campus visit so they can check out the area. If the candidate lets you know that their spouse or partner or family member will be accompanying them, providing information, resources, and activities is a great way to help them feel welcome.

How to approach the “Candidate Guest” conversation:

  • First step, discuss this option during the initial search planning. Request approval to bring finalist guests from the Appointing Authority. Be sure to offer this option to all of the top candidates attending on-campus interviews. Process for candidate guest’s travel must be in accordance with Applicant Travel Policy.
  • If request is approved, determine how to communicate this option to the candidate. Which of the following will best suit the guest’s needs while on campus:
    • Structured (planned entirely by hiring department)
    • Semi-Structured (planned by hiring department and candidate guest)
    • Self-Led (planned entirely by candidate guest)
      • Use this template to help organize the guest’s schedule

    Candidate Guest Guidelines:

    • Extend the offer for a candidate to bring a “guest” with them to his/her on campus interview. This will allow the candidate to make a more informed decision about the opportunities available at Washington State University.
    • Put together a schedule of events for the guest. Communicate directly with the guest to try and find out what opportunities they are interested in during their visit (see below).
    • Review Applicant Travel Policy for details on authorization of travel expenses for prospective employees and spouses or partners.

    Activities for Spouses or Partners and Children

    Here are some ideas:

    • You may want to direct the candidate’s spouse/partner/guest to the Pullman Chamber of Commerce or Moscow Chamber of Commerce website. The local COC offices have very comprehensive lists of local activities including recreation, shopping, arts and culture, activities for children and more.
    • At Washington State University we also have the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center which serves as a gateway to WSU, functioning as an information center for the University and as a resource for the campus community, featuring WSU’s teaching, research, athletics, student and faculty contributions in a unique visual setting.
    • Arrange a Public School tour. Visit Pullman School District or Moscow School District for more information.
    • One option for childcare is the WSU Children’s Center. The center provides care for the children (from the age of 6 weeks through 12 years) of WSU students, staff and faculty. To schedule a tour or learn more please visit their website for contact information. Other child care providers are also available in the local area. Bright Horizons offers additional child care/senior care resources visit their website for details.
    • If they express interest in learning about career opportunities refer them to WSUjobs.com or contact HRS Recruitment Specialist. HRS is working with local businesses to develop a network to assist with dual career partnerships.
    • The Palouse Discovery Science Center is one option that offers a variety of hands-on science and learning activities for people of all ages. Visit their website for more information.
    • WSU Bear Center – During the non-hibernating period (approximately April-October), the bears are visible from a viewing area in the parking lot, where anyone can view the bears foraging or playing in the exercise yard, splashing in their pool, or lounging in their outside runs.
    • WSU Creamery – Home of world-famous, natural Cougar Gold® and Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe.
    • University of Idaho Arboretum – The jewel of the University of Idaho’s lush, landscaped campus is the 63-acre UI Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

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