Employee Handbooks

Locate the appropriate handbook, manual,and/or policy that guides personnel actions for a particular employee category.

General Information

Personnel policies applicable to all employee categories can be found in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM). These policies work in tandem with the employee handbooks and manuals.

Personnel, Chapter 60 BPPM

*Employees whose positions are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement should refer to their contract.

AP Handbook – updated December 2017

Bargaining Unit
Bargaining unit covered employees should refer to their Collective Bargaining Agreement for rules, policies and procedures guiding personnel actions. The Collective Bargaining Agreements serves as the handbook for employees in this category.

Civil Service
Civil Service employee should refer to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for rules guiding a wide range of personnel actions. The WAC serves as the handbook for employees in this category.
Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Manual for policies and procedures governing faculty rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Faculty Manual
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