Medical/Dental Open Enrollment

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Make Changes to My Medical/Dental Coverage Online

You are encouraged to make changes to your coverage online whenever possible. Be sure to print the online confirmation once you have completed making changes. You will be able to make online changes for the following reasons:

  • To choose a new medical or dental plan; or
  • To waive/remove an eligible dependent from your current plan; or
  • To add an eligible dependent previously covered on your plan;

Make Changes to My Medical/Dental Coverage via Paper Form

You are required to fill out a 2018 Open Enrollment/Change form and submit it to the Pullman HRS office for the following reasons:

  • To add a dependent to your medical/dental plan(s) that you have never covered before (dependent verification documents are also required). A dependent is a defined as a spouse, registered domestic partner, and child(ren).
  • To remove a dependent who is no longer eligible to be on your coverage due to divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, etc.

Medical Premium Changes


Plan NameEmployeeEmployee &
Employee &
Full Family
Kaiser of Washington
Kaiser of WA - Classic$147$162$304$334$257$284$414$456
Kaiser of WA - Value$69$78$148$166$121$137$200$225
Kaiser of WA - SoundChoice$46$51$102$112$81$89$137$150
Kaiser of WA - CDHP$25$25$60$60$44$44$79$79
Uniform Medical Plans
UMP - Classic$94$102$198$214$165$179$269$291
UMP - Plus$66$45$142$100$116$79$192$134
UMP - CDHP$25$25$60$60$44$44$79$79
Kaiser of the North West (Vancouver, Portand areas)
Kaiser of NW - Classic$131$137$272$284$229$240$370$387
Kaiser of NW - CDHP$26$27$62$64$46$47$82$84

Medical Benefit Changes in 2018:

The overall benefit packet will remain the same under all the medical plans, with the following changes:

  • Medical Plan Premiums
  • Kaiser Permanente of Washington introducing new prescription drug deductibles & prescription drug out of pocket maximums to ALL of their plans except consumer-directed health plan.
  • Health Savings account total contribution limit increasing from $3,400 to $3,450 for subscriber only and from $6,750 to $6,900 for family.
  • Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement maximum contribution rate is increasing to $2,600.

You can review the 2018 Medical Plan Comparison for medical plan details.

Or find details of these changes on the PEBB website.

You can review the 2018 Dental Benefits Comparison for dental plan details.

Premium Surcharges

Tobacco Surcharge: Employees may change their tobacco surcharge status in the event of a change in their/their family’s tobacco use.  This change can be made at anytime – not just during open enrollment, and can be made online under your HCA MyAccount.

If you are adding a family member to your PEBB coverage during open enrollment, and if that person has been on your plan in the past, attestation may be done through your HCA MyAccount. If the person is a new enrollee on your plan, you will need to enroll them and address the surcharge via the 2018 Open Enrollment form.

Spousal Surcharge: In 2018, employees who are married or have a registered domestic partners, and who carry their spouse/partner on their medical insurance will need to attest or re-attest only if they are notified directly by the Health Care Authority that they need to do so. Employees should watch their home mail to see if they are identified as someone who should re-attest. In most cases, these mailings will be sent to employees who:

  • Are currently paying the surcharge in 2017, and may no longer be subject to the surcharge depending on their answers on the Premium Surcharge Help Sheet;
  • Previously answered “No” to the premium surcharge question, but did not identify a number from the Premium Surcharge Help Sheet;
  • Previously answered “No” to question No. 6 on the Premium Surcharge Help Sheet;
  • Or were defaulted to spousal premium surcharge in 2017.

The attestation you make during open enrollment will be in effect for 2018 unless there is a change in your spouse or registered domestic partner’s status that allows or requires you to re-attest. If you are identified as needing to re-attest and do not do so during open enrollment, you will pay any applicable surcharges beginning January 1, 2018.

If you would like to attest via a paper form, please complete the following:


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