Alecia Hoene, academic coordinator/advisor 2 for the School of the Environment, CAHNRS, is recognized for supporting the integration of four B.S. degree programs, eight majors, and two distinct advising systems into a single advising program.

Alecia’s dedication, patience, and supportive demeanor have been a key foundation of the SOE undergraduate program. “She has been there for all of us, while never forgetting that sometimes her world must stop to support a single student in crisis.” Another nominator notes “In the past year, Alecia was the main point of contact for all SOE’s faculty and students regarding all issues related to undergraduate education and has played a vital role in assisting our graduate students.” The increase in responsibility showcased time management abilities, positive attitude, and an above-and-beyond dedication to the success of SOE students.

Alecia is recognized for exceeding expectations, providing superior service, and noteworthy extra efforts.