Andrea Gleichweith, principal assistant, University Advancement, received a 2019 Crimson Spirit Award.

Her nominator says Ms. Gleichweith is “the most amazing resource for anything and everything related to the WSU Foundation…. the care and effort she puts in on a daily basis has been remarkable.”

“She is always ahead of the game, follows up, and is open to be reached out to with any issues. She makes sure that regardless of your role, from student employees to vice presidents, she knows who you are and is aware of what you do so that if you ever need assistance you can come to her.”

“One of my student employees who recently left school due to family issues received a call from Andrea on his last day to say thank you for all he had done for us and to let her know if he needed anything. This blew him away, as they had only worked in person together one time. On top of that, she called him on his last day, a Friday, on which Andrea herself was on vacation, just to make sure he was taken care of as he was leaving.”

“You would be hard pressed to find a better embodiment of Crimson Spirit than Andrea Gleichweith.” Ms. Gleichweith is recognized for providing superior quality service, anticipating needs, expressing genuine interest, and exceeding expectations.