One year prior to contract/appointment renewals, President’s executive direct reports will have a Comprehensive Performance Appraisal to assist President Schulz complete the executive’s performance evaluation and contract/appointment renewal process.

The Comprehensive Performance Appraisal will include:

  • Emotional Quotient 360 (EQ360)
  • Individual and group listening sessions
  • Annual Goals and Objectives
  • Overall performance as an executive during tenure with Washington State University

EQ 360 Conducted: Last few weeks of February, before WSU spring break. Individual and group listening sessions, conducted by the CHRO, will be scheduled between March and May.

Proposed Evaluators:

Comprehensive Performance Appraisal – EQ 360 – Evaluators*

The executive will propose up to 20 individuals to participate in the EQ 360 evaluation. 

Evaluator/Rater Limits: Minimum of 10, maximum of 20.

Individual and Group Listening Sessions*

The executive will propose up to 10 individuals to participate in one-on-one or group listening sessions with the CHRO.

*The President may modify the number and makeup of the evaluators for an executive as needed

Partial Sample 360 Feedback Report for “Serena Sample” | The CHRO (EQi administrator) will meet with each participant prior to taking the EQi and following to review/explain EQi results.

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