Overview of review processes for WSU Executive Senior Leadership/Presidential Direct Reports administered by Human Resource Services:

  • Annual Goals, Objectives, and Leadership Development Plans – Conducted annually, on a fiscal year basis. Typically mid-May-end of June.
  • Progress Review with 360 Feedback- Conducted once during an executive’s tenure, approximately one year after their start date.
  • Mid Review with 360 Feedback- Occurs after the Progress Review and before the Comprehensive Performance Appraisal. Conducted during the last few weeks of February, before WSU Spring Break.
  • Comprehensive Performance Appraisal with 360 Feedback – Occurs once every five years, typically one year before contract/appointment renewal. Conducted during the last few weeks of April.

The President will meet annually with each presidential direct report between the end of July and mid-September.

Sample Review Timeline:

Sample Review Timeline