Dorothy “D.” Thomas, program coordinator, Facilities Services—Administration, received Crimson Spirit recognition for grace under pressure and her commitment to delivering the highest possible service.

Many of Ms. Thomas’ coworkers had individual praise for her. As one of those who supported the nomination explained, “The best thing I can say about D. is not that she is amazing at managing the needs of our group (she is), but that she does it with a grace and patience I greatly admire. She gives her best even when we don’t deserve it, and I am thankful for her every day.”

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis and while working from home, Ms. Thomas has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Her nominator says she has dedicated “massive amounts of effort and hours to ensure her duties are achieved with the upmost accuracy and timeliness.”

Her nominator continues, “One could say D. is ‘doing her job’ but I would say she is doing it with one hand metaphorically tied behind her back and office-based resources unavailable. She is giving an unmeasurable determination and rightfulness to Facilities Services employees. Her dedicated commitment… exceeds all expectations.”

Working from home has not been easy, in fact, it has been “downright miserable at times.” Among her challenges have been slow or no internet service; lack of daily communication with managers, supervisors and directors; working from a laptop instead of a computer with three screens; and children at home who sometimes require immediate attention.

Ms. Thomas has a knack and understanding for time management and the importance of meeting deadlines. She has worked endless hours to make sure the job is done, even if that means pulling all-nighters, sending emails at 3 a.m., running reports and sending them during all times of the day and night, entering leave and pay affecting slips, and checking time reports, all while working on a slothful internet service. She doesn’t stop until she is satisfied and all supporting documents are accounted for!

At an organizational level Ms. Thomas is the ambassador of the Facilities Services training program. Throughout the challenges of working from home, she continued to monitor and administer training resources and provide information to unit directors, managers, and supervisors about training completions and deficiencies. These included all the trainings performed by employees working from home, all the Covid-19 mandatory training, and staying in compliance with the mandatory safety training for Facilities Services’ 400+ staff and administrators.

Another supporter of her nominations says, “She sure got it. With these last couple of months of chaos, missing time cards, LWOP, time cards, home assignment info, I can’t imagine how she can make sure we have all the information correct, but she does. We at Facilities are very fortunate. Thanks D.!!”

And yet another says, “I have been dealing with an increased number of absentees, leave requests and time card challenges since COVID-19 crisis started. D. Thomas has been amazing at keeping me informed of changes and staying on top of attendance issues.”

Ms. Thomas is recognized for her noteworthy extra effort, exceeding expectations, and taking appropriate action.