As one of the nation’s top public research institutions, Washington State University (WSU) conducts research that improves the lives of people in Washington, the United States, and across the globe. When you make the choice to join WSU, you are joining a community committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. You will join a team of faculty and staff dedicated to bringing the world the next generation of innovators, leaders, health care providers, and citizens.

Whether in Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Everett, at WSU Extension offices and research centers, or through the online Global Campus, WSU employees promote academic excellence and innovative research that serves the state, nation, and world. Through its network of small business development and Extension offices, WSU is the only university in the state with locations serving all of Washington’s 39 counties.

Employee Types

The university offers career opportunities in an incredible array of fields in the following job categories.

Administrative Professional

Administrative Professional positions perform administrative, managerial, and professional duties. These positions are exempt from coverage of the state of Washington Civil Service System.

Classified Staff

Classified staff (Civil Service and Bargaining Unit covered) positions are located throughout WSU in all career fields. Performing a wide range of job duties, classified staff are key contributors to the university’s day-to-day operations and overall success.


Faculty positions at WSU include academic faculty, extension faculty, library faculty, research faculty, and student affairs faculty. Positions are located throughout the university campuses and at WSU Extension offices throughout the state.


Temporary/hourly positions are generally short-term job opportunities paid on a hourly basis. These may be student or non-student positions.

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Benefits, Programs and Resources

The university offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to meet the diverse needs of its employees including health care and dental care options, retirement plans, long-term disability insurance, paid time off, professional development and a host of work/life quality programs.

Health Benefits

Leave & Holidays

  • Annual Leave | Eligible employees accrue 8.00 hours to 14.67 hours per month depending upon job type and length of service
  • Sick Leave | Eligible employees accrue 8.00 hours of sick leave per month
  • Other Leave | Additional leave programs are available for eligible employees such as bereavement, civil, emergency, military, professional and shared leave.
  • Holiday Schedule 2015-2020 | Eligible employees enjoy up to 10 paid holiday per year with some variation in certain work sites, plus 1 personal holiday per year


  • Relocation Information | Rental, housing, community, and WSU departmental information related to moving and relocation


Training & Development

  • Tuition Waiver | Eligible employees may apply for a tuition waiver for many academic classes offered on campus
  • WSU Online Training System | Provides access to professional development online courses and online books

Programs & Discounts

Work/Life Programs