Henry Moore, Jr. of the College of Veterinary Medicine has received Crimson Spirit recognition.

Henry Moore has had a wonderful 31-year career taking photographs for WSU. However, he does much more than take photos. Henry creates a warm and welcoming environment for those working in the College of Veterinary Medicine that need to have their photos taken. According to Henry’s nominator, “Over this time he has created an environment where faculty, staff, and students are comfortable coming to have their photo taken because they know they are in good hands.” Henry is able to connect with the people he photographs in a way that puts them at ease and enables him to do his job to the best of his ability. His nominator remarks how “I hear him asking after people’s families, making jokes and in general making people feel their best.”

In addition to how Henry connects with the people around him, he takes is work seriously and is always open to new ideas. “He always strives to find new, inventive ways to shoot familiar subjects such as research and laboratory photos. In addition, he is always open to suggestions and finds a way to execute any request he is given for a photo.” Henry is accommodating and open-minded when it comes to his job, helping his work be the best that it can be and showing the College of Veterinary Medicine in the best possible light. Henry is “truly a pleasure to have as a coworker.”

Henry has received Crimson Spirit recognition for expressing genuine interest, creative problem-solving skills, and exceeding expectations.