Joel McChesney, Confidential Secretary in the President’s Office, is the Crimson Spirit Award recipient for December 2018.

During fall 2018, Joel “not only continued to provide his normal level of excellent support but has also stepped in and gone above and beyond.” The extra effort was crucial after an unanticipated absence at a time when the President’s Office was already exceptionally busy.

Joel made sure no details fell through the cracks with regard to Board of Regents meetings and events. He also shouldered many responsibilities concerning WSU football, including coordinating use of the President’s box and Apple Cup logistics. Joel provided valuable support for Presidential meetings and events, as well as the December Commencement. His added responsibilities included making sure catering and staffing were in place, RSVP lists were updated and accurate, tickets and name tags were created and distributed, and Commencement commitments were met. Not only did Joel take on many, many additional responsibilities, he did so proactively and with a very positive attitude.

Joel is recognized for exceeding expectations, a noteworthy extra effort, and superior service.