Kristen Petersen received a 2019 Crimson Spirit Award.

Kristen Petersen, data manager for the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) is praised by her nominator as “a stellar coworker” who is always willing to go above and beyond to deliver results and support her colleagues. As an example, when several SESCRC projects required employees to report to work early enough to call the East Coast at the start of the business day, Kristen took it upon herself to also come in early. She did this “on the off-chance we needed her first thing in the day” and sometimes was “still working late into the night” despite coming in early.

Ms. Petersen is honored by her nominator for not only mastering and excelling in her job responsibilities but also being genuinely interested in learning about what other units in the department do. Her commitment to excellence includes learning about SESRC employees’ individual areas of expertise and supporting the work needs of others.

Kristen Petersen is recognized for supporting her coworkers, noteworthy extra efforts, and exceeding expectations.