HRS & TIAA Joint Seminars

Benefits and Retirement Check-in: April 19, 2-5 PM | Lighty 405 or attend by Zoom
Audience: All retirement plan participants, mid-career

Join HRS Benefits and TIAA to review the various benefit and retirement options available through WSU. This session will include discussion on the Health Savings Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, the voluntary retirement plans, setting financial goals, investing strategies, and finding ways to save for your current and future needs.

TIAA Pre-Retirement Seminar: April 19 & 20, 9-12 Noon | Lighty 405 or attend by Zoom
Audience: WSURP Participants, nearing retirement

If you are planning to retire within the next five years, join HRS Benefits and TIAA to learn about WSU Retirement processes, insurance options, income options, Medicare and the Supplemental Retirement Plan benefit.

DRS Webinars and Resources

Ongoing: Visit DRS Webinars to view the schedule and register to attend
Audience: DRS Plan Participants (PERS, TRS, LEOFF)

Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) offer live and recorded webinars on a variety of topics, including: Getting to know your PERS/TRS/LEOFF plan, investment basics, budgeting and debt management, retirement planning and estimating your benefit, social security and Medicare, and more!

Please coordinate release time with your supervisor. Questions can be directed to HRS Benefits at 509-335-4521 or