Maureen Smith, coordinator, Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC) received a 2019 Crimson Spirit Award. Ms. Smith manages finances, travel, scheduling, and programming needs for GIESORC. She is able to execute many tasks with profound attention to detail, ease, and expeditiousness.

For almost eight months, Ms. Smith served as the single full-time staff member for the center. During this time, she continued to offer monthly programming and hosted Lavender Graduation, a signature initiative of the center that raised several thousand dollars to support students and programming. Ms. Smith also provided case management for the center, connecting students in crisis with the dean of students and case managers.  

Ms. Smith is the backbone of GIESORC’s programming efforts. She handles the purchasing, room reservations, catering orders, and often the set-ups and tear downs. In the last two years, GIESORC doubled its programming efforts to better meet the needs of the university community. These programs have all been successful because of her ability to support them and her logistical mind, which ensures that everything goes to plan. Ms. Smith’s administrative expertise has allowed GIESORC’s presence to grow not only in Pullman, but also at other WSU campuses and locations.

Ms. Smith’s commitment to student success and services is evident in her daily interactions with students. She provides a listening ear and referrals to University services, always showing a deep care and concern for students. Ms. Smith also goes above and beyond in other ways. If she hears of a student in need, that student just might get a surprise winter coat, for instance, the next time Ms. Smith sees them. She doesn’t limit herself to individual needs. When she heard about food insecurity among the students, Ms. Smith created a small food pantry within GIESORC. The food pantry has since moved to a larger location to serve more students, but her work on food insecurity continues.

Ms. Smith is deeply involved in the campus community. From volunteering on the International Women’s Day committee, to creating a clothing closet at GIESORC to provide a comfortable place for transgender students to try out new clothes, Ms. Smith serves any way she can. In the last year, she has been the administrative support for several searches in the Greek Life office. Ms. Smith is about to support the search for a new program coordinator in the Women’s Center. She also served as the support staff for a system-wide cultural competency training collective. Finally, Ms. Smith takes extensive notes so that GIESORC can demonstrate that the center is moving forward with thoughtful educational outreaches to meet the needs of the LGBTQA community.

In sum, Maureen Smith exemplifies the Crimson Spirit. She is dedicated to making the WSU community a better place for those who are in the most need of community.

Maureen Smith is recognized for exceeding expectations, providing exceptional service, and making outstanding contributions to the WSU community.