Shirley Pruitt, facilities coordinator, WSU Tri-Cities, received a 2019 Crimson Spirit Award.

When the air conditioning unit in the WSU Tri-Cities East Building failed, at the start of the semester, temperatures rose to the high 80s. New locations had to be found, as soon as possible, for more than 30 courses and sections while the system was repaired. Ms. Pruitt worked overtime to reassign all the courses and sections to other rooms on campus. This was a true challenge, considering space limitations and the diverse requirements of the classes.

At times, Ms. Pruitt “had to be creative when instructors would explain why the ‘new’ location would not work for their classes and she had to go back to the drawing board.” She followed up with all instructors who did not response to her outreach efforts, to ensure they were aware of the changes and their needs were met. Ms. Pruitt also informed other units such as Facilities, Information Technology, and Student Affairs of the changes, so that wherever students asked questions they received answers, directions, and assistance.

Overall, Ms. Pruitt’s actions allowed WSU Tri-Cities to address student and faculty concerns and improve the learning environment—central University goals in the Drive to 25—under challenging circumstances. Her “efforts were all done with a collaborative spirit and a dedication to the WSU community. It was a display of true Crimson Spirit in a time of high stress!”

Ms. Pruitt is recognized for her noteworthy extra efforts and problem-solving skills.