Steven Selk, data consultant 2, Institutional Research, received 2020 Crimson Spirit recognition.

One of Mr. Selk’s nominators says he is “the quintessential Coug and a first rate example of someone who provides exemplary service to the institution and the wider community.”

“As the front desk administrator and data coordinator, Mr. Selk consistently provides high quality customer service when fulfilling requests for information and data about WSU. He works closely with other departments and offices on campus to coordinate responses to external surveys. No matter with whom he interacts, Mr. Selk is patient, kind, good-natured, and well-liked by everyone he encounters.”

“Mr.  Selk’s work is high quality and he reviews and checks not only his own work, but that of others in the office to ensure accuracy in reporting. This exemplary service has held up even during the COVID-19 event, where Mr. Selk has organized processes and timelines to make sure that we are still meeting deadlines and are responsive to requests from the administration, WSU community, and external agencies.”

The other nominator says “Steve diligently connects with all campus partners to ensure accurate and timely reporting of key institutional data. You see the US News headlines? That’s Steve! WSU ranks better than its peers? That is Steve! The guy rooting for Ole Crimson every day? Steve!”

The praise continues: “Mr. Selk goes out of his way to help people, whether they are within this office, faculty or staff in other offices, students, or the wider WSU community. Mr. Selk can always be found wearing Coug gear and ready to discuss the latest Pac-12 sports results (for any sport). It is hard to find a better example of someone who lives the values of this institution every day.”

“Now that we are working remotely, Mr. Selk continues to wear his WSU gear during Zoom conference calls and regularly updates his Zoom virtual backdrop to be a scene from the Pullman campus, or of Butch Cougar. Mr. Selk has been regularly checking in with his colleagues to make sure they are doing OK during the closure and to keep up the morale of the office. He is kind hearted and compassionate, and those skills have become even more important during this hard period.”

In conclusion, one of the nominators notes that Mr. Selk is “the glue that keeps this office together.” The other nominator agrees: “Steve is the crimson that holds the gray together…. I cannot think of someone more deserving of this recognition than him.” Mr. Selk is recognized for providing superior service, exceeding expectations, and his contributions to the WSU community.