Job Posting Information

The recruitment period is defined as the time period between the commencement of advertising and the application deadline or application review begin date. Minimum recruitment periods for Faculty searches are as follows:

  • National: 30 calendar days – required for tenure-track/tenured
  • Northwest Region: 21 calendar days
  • Statewide: 21 calendar days
  • Local/Internal: 14 calendar days

Faculty positions submitted through the WSUJobs Online Position Description & Recruitment System (OPDRS) are published to WSUJobs.

Additional job advertisements including any fees are the responsibility of the hiring department.  HRS will review the recruitment plan and advertisement copy submitted through OPDRS as part of the job posting.

EEO/AA Underutilized Data

Washington State University (WSU) is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Consistent with its Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy, WSU will make good faith efforts in outreach and recruitment to decrease under-representation of protected groups, in accordance with federal and state law.

AA goals and under-representation data is maintained by the university and may be used by the search committee to broaden recruitment efforts for those protected groups which may be under-represented in a particular job category.

Website: Underutilized EEO/AA Data

Tenure-Track/Tenured Teaching Positions

Tenure-track/tenured teaching faculty positions must have appropriate information regarding duties and qualifications and must include print advertisements in accordance with the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations. The Office of International Programs – Global Services and HRS collaborate in a review process to ensure these positions meet the DOL advertising standards.

Review the Office of International Programs’ Advertising Tips for Labor Certification. Contact for international faculty/scholar immigration questions.

Job Posting Resources and Examples

Contracted Newspapers

Outreach Tools

  • Outreach Tools: Advertising resources, social media tools and talent pool databases for Faculty and Staff positions.


Faculty Advertisements:

Faculty Advertisement Templates:

Recruitment Toolkit

  • Recruitment Toolkit: Contains information on recruitment processes and additional outreach tools.