Training- Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the WSU Online Training System?

The WSU Online Training System is available to all current WSU employees (including student employees) and is home to over 4,000 interactive online courses, and over 20,000 online books on a variety of topics. Virtual guided tours of the Online Training System are available on the following topics:

2. Why can’t I access my Online Training Account?

Only current WSU employees (including student employees) have access:

  • New employees are granted system access within one week after their appointments have been fully approved.
  • An enabled Network ID/Password is required to access your Online Training Account.  For assistance, visit or contact the IT Help Desk at (509) 335-4357.
  • Certain computer configurations are required by the training system.  Learn specific issues and resolve them through the Browser Capabilities Check at
  • If you are still unable to access your account, contact for assistance

3. How do I find upcoming Instructor Led Training sessions?

Human Resource Services collaborates with many WSU departments to provide live training opportunities on WSU system-specific topics.  The complete list of trainings available can be found here.

4. How do I enroll in Instructor Led Trainings?

It is important to register for each Instructor Led Training (ILT) session you wish to attend so you can be updated of any changes and receive notifications regarding course material downloads.

  1. Clicking on a course title will direct you to the WSU Online Training System.
    • If you are not already logged in you will be prompted to do so
  2. Below the course title and overview, locate the session you would like to attend
  3. Click “Enroll” to the right of the session you select
  4. Below the session you just selected you will be asked, “You are now enrolled in the above session. Would you like to add this to your learning page?”
    • Select “Yes”
    • On the resulting dialogue box click “Save,”  All other fields are optional.

You can also enroll in ILT courses by logging into the WSU Online Training System and searching for a specific course title.  The following Virtual Guided Tours will help you find just what you are looking for:

Registration help and answers to other questions about these sessions are available by contacting 509-335-4521 or

5. I’m a new employee, how do I enroll in training?

Your training account is activated the first Friday after your appointment is approved.  Note, however, that appointment approval sometimes occurs only after you have begun working.  If you are not yet able to access your WSU Online Training System account and wish to attend New Employee Orientation or other Instructor Led Training session, please send an email indicating the session(s) you wish to attend. View the New Employee Orientation schedule.

6. Do I need approval to participate in training?

Employees must receive supervisory approval to attend live training (ILT) and/or to participate in online training during normal work hours. View Release Time for Training Policy (BPPM 60.72) and Appropriate Use of Training Time.

7. How do I set up a videoconference connection for a training session if I am not located on the Pullman campus?

Selected Instructor Led Trainings are offered as videoconferences for those not located on the Pullman campus.

  • After registering in the session you wish to attend, visit the AMS Event Calendar to check if your location has already been identified as a connection site.
  • If your site is not listed and you need to request a connection, send a note to Academic Media Services.
  • To learn more about Videoconferencing visit the Academic Media Services site.

8. How do I access my training records?

Log in to your WSU Online Training System account

  1. Below the “Quick Links” heading near the top left of the page and select “Learning Transcript” from the menu.
  2. Click the “Show Filters” link to access ways to customize your view of the records.

Please Note: The WSU Online Training System contains training records from the year 2007 and forward.  If you need records from before 2007, click here.

9. What is included in my training record?

Your training record includes all Instructor-Led training you attend, as well as all online courses, simulations and books you access.

10. How do I print a certificate of completion for a training?

Log in to your WSU Online Training System account

  1. Click on the “Quick Links” shortcut near the top left of the page.
  2. Select “Learning Transcript” from the menu.
  3. Click the “Actions” link to far right of a record of completion.  One of the options will allow you to print the certificate.

11. What is WSU’s policy on release time for training?

University supervisors may release employees from normal work duties to attend training programs which promote professional development or improve jobs skills.

  • An employee may take any amount of supervisor-directed training
  • An eligible full-time employee may use up to 96 hours of release time per fiscal year for elective training purposes.
  • An eligible part-time employee may use hours of release time prorated according to his or her FTE percentage, e.g., a 50% FTE employee would be eligible for 48 hours of release time.
  • Prior to approving more than 20 hours of release time, a supervisor may ask the employee to submit a training plan outlining his or her development goals.
  • More information on release time for training can be found in BPPM 60.72
  • HRS guidelines on Appropriate Use of Training Time
  • If you have further questions, speak with your supervisor or contact your Human Resource Consultant

12. How do I search for online books, courses, or other learning assets?

There are two main ways to find online content located in the Online Training System

  • Use the search function at the upper right corner of your account.  You can filter the search by accessing the options in the “Select” drop-down list to the left of the search field.
  • Click on the “Browse the Library” link to activate a view of the learning resources categorized by topic.  Clicking on any one of these topics opens a new page featuring those specific resources and also including additional filtering options.

13. How can I learn more about the Online Training System?

Two courses are periodically scheduled to help users learn more about the system:

  • WSU Online Training System: Overview
    This Instructor Led course describes the functions of WSU’s online training resources system in a step-by-step format.  Click on the title above to access the schedule.
  • WSU Online Training System: Management Functions
    This Instructor Led course demonstrates the steps required to assign courses to employees and to manage reports of training activity within the department, area, or college.  Click on the title above to access the schedule.

If you are unable to find available sessions or if you would like to schedule a departmental overview for several people, use the following link to request a training.

14. Tools and Help for Instructors

15. As a supervisor, can I access my employee’s training records?

Yes, access to employee training records is provided to designated training managers.  To request this access, complete and return the WSU Online Training System Authorization Form to Human Resource Services.
Once your account has been modified to allow access, download the Online Training Management Guide to learn the steps required.  You may also wish to attend a periodically scheduled Instructor Led Training course.  Use the following link to access the schedule:  WSU Online Training System: Management Functions

16. As a supervisor, how can I help my employees create a training plan?

To help your employees create a training plan you should:

  1. Determine what job duties within your department require special skills or university-specific knowledge.
  2. Evaluate your employee’s skills and compare them to your required skillset.
  3. Match the required skill-development with the courses offered through HRS Training.  Ultimately, this comparison will lead you to identifying the courses appropriate for your employee’s training plan.
  4. Work with the employee to schedule training, taking into account both the employee’s schedule and departmental needs.

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