The Washington State Health Care Authority is allowing for changes to some benefits in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. From July 1 though 31, eligible employees can make the following changes, with an effective date of August 1:

  • Enroll in medical coverage if currently enrolled in dental only
  • Add eligible dependents to medical coverage
  • Increase or decrease Medical FSA or DCAP annual elections
  • Enroll in Medical FSA or DCAP for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year

Allowed changes- Medical

During the Limited Open Enrollment period (LOE), eligible employees can enroll in medical coverage if currently waived, or add dependents to medical. You cannot waive medical, drop dependents from coverage, change medical plans, or make changes to dental coverage during this LOE.

These changes do not require a special open enrollment event, like marriage/divorce or loss of other coverage. However, dependent verification documents are still required to enroll a dependent. If you experience a special open enrollment event, you may make other changes as outlined at the link above.

Allowed changes- FSA/DCAP

Those currently enrolled in the Medical FSA or DCAP can decrease annual elections, but not lower than 1. the amount already claimed, or 2. the amount already contributed (including the $250 CBA contribution, if applicable). Current enrollees can also increase their 2020 elections, up to the allowed maximum of $2700.

Those not currently enrolled in FSA or DCAP can enroll for the remainder of 2020 (August-December). Only expenses accrued on or after August 1 can be claimed for new accounts.

More information on the FSA/DCAP allowed changes can be found at the Navia Benefit Solutions COVID-19 webpage.

How to make changes

Changes can be made using special COVID Limited Open Enrollment forms.

No-contact submission options include:

  • Email to (please use your WSU ID instead of SSN for security purposes)
  • Fax to 509-335-1259
  • Interoffice mail to 1014
  • USPS mail to 139 French Administration Building, PO Box 641014, Pullman, WA 99164-1014

If you need to drop off hardcopy forms, please contact our office in advance to make arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my medical plan? No- you can only enroll in coverage or add uncovered dependents at this time, unless a Special Open Enrollment event permits otherwise.
  • Can I use my FSA to cover expenses from earlier in the year? Only if you had an FSA earlier in the year. New accounts with an effective date of August 1 can only cover expenses accrued on or after August 1.
  • When will I see changes on my paycheck? This depends on when your forms are received. Forms that are turned in by July 24 may be reflected on the August 10 paycheck, otherwise you can expect to see these changes on the August 25 paycheck.
  • Can I stop my FSA or DCAP deductions? Yes- but only as low as the amount contributed or claimed through July 2020. For example, if you’ve already contributed $500 to FSA or DCAP, you can only lower your annual election to $500. If you’ve contributed $500 to your FSA but have already claimed $600 in 2020, you can only lower your annual election to $600. This can prevent future deductions from being taken from your pay, but cannot refund prior contributions.


Questions can be directed to HRS Benefits at (509) 335-4521 or