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Use the following links to get information on WSU benefits including medical, dental, retirement, life insurance, and more.

Current Benefit Events


PEBB Eligible Employees: Your Participation is Required! 

Be sure to address the following topics concerning possible medical Premium Surcharges and a possible SmartHealth Wellness Incentive: 


Premium Surcharges

                      (HRS and HCA Presentation schedules included.)

SmartHealth Wellness Incentive

                      (HRS and HCA Presentation schedules included.)


HCA My Account Registration: Set up your "My Account" now to address the surcharges and wellness incentive during the full month of April. Instructions on how to register can be found at “How do I register?.



A newly introduced comprehensive employee wellbeing program sponsored by Human Resource Services - Benefit Services. Wellcoug offers WSU employees and their families a wide range of resources to support their physical and mental health. Through Wellcoug, employees can receive help in accessing education, identifying resources, developing skills and making healthy choices. Learn more at


New Employees

New Employee Benefits and Retirement

Visit the New Employee Information page to familiarize yourself with your benefit and retirement options.  


Forms and Benefit Updates and Changes

Benefit Forms

Find all of the forms you need including medical/dental, life Insurance, and retirement enrollment forms.

Updating Benefits

Find the forms needed to update benefits due to life changes, such as birth/adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, etc.

Benefit Changes Due to Change in FTE or Appointment


Benefits Eligibility

Find out if your position is eligible for employee benefits.

Temporary/Seasonal Employee Benefits

Find out how some Non-Student Temporary/Hourly Employees may become eligible for retirement, medical, and other benefits.

Basic and Additional Benefits

Benefit Overviews


Benefit Details

Medical Insurance

Find out which medical plans are available in your area, then select the one that best suits your needs.

Dental Insurance

Compare the three dental plans that are available to WSU employees: Uniform Dental, Willamette Dental, and DeltaCare.

Life Insurance

Review the basic coverage that WSU provides, and the optional coverage that is available.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Review the basic coverage that WSU provides and the optional coverage that is available.

Dependent Care Assistance Program

Allows you to pay for child, elder, or other dependent care expenses by setting aside a portion of your payroll dollars on a pre-tax basis and reducing your taxable salary.

Flexible Spending Account

A tax-free account that works with a non-Consumer-Directed Health Plan and allows you to reduce your taxable income while saving money to pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, hearing, prescription, and other eligible expenses.

Health Savings Account

A tax-free account that works with a Consumer-Directed Health Plan and allows you to reduce your taxable income while saving money to pay for qualified medical expenses.


A self-service solution which grants faculty and staff access to local caregivers. The membership to SelectPlus is fully paid for by WSU. Employees are responsible for making all arrangements including selecting providers and the cost of care.

Auto & Home Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers discounts on auto and home insurance to eligible PEBB/WSU employees through Liberty Mutual's Group Savings Plus program.

Long-Term Care Insurance Plan

Brief summary of some of the features in the Washington State HCA & PEBB Long-Term Care Insurance Plan.

Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET)

Washington's 529 prepaid college tuition plan.  With GET, you prepay for your child's college tuition today.  Your account is guaranteed to keep pace with college tuition and you can use it at nearly any public or private college in the country.



Retirement Information

Washington State University Retirement Plan, TRS/PERS, Retirement Supplementation, Voluntary Investment Programs.

TIAA-CREF Revenue Credit

In December, 2012, a revenue credit will be posted to the TIAA-CREF accounts of participants in the Washington State University Retirement Plan (WSURP) or the Voluntary Investment Program (VIP).  For Questions and Answers regarding the Revenue Credit, please click the above link.

DRS Retirement Outlook Newsletter

The Summer 2013 edition of the Retirement Outlook newsletter is now available.  The Retirement Outlook newsletter provides valuable information on Department of Retirement Systems programs, benefits and services.  You can review the current or prior issues by clicking on the link above.


Outplacement Resources

Outplacement Resources

Please review to ensure you are aware of how your separation from WSU impacts your benefits and retirement program(s).


Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB)

Webpage access to the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) and the Health Care Authority (HCA). The PEBB establishes eligibility requirements and approves benefit design for each policy. While the HCA purchases and coordinates health insurance benefits for eligible employees, retiree and their families.

Print a Statement of Insurance

Employees may print a current Statement of Insurance through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) webpage. Employees must log-in or register a log-in for themselves, to access this document. The Statement of Insurance will include information on employees and their current covered dependents, including coverage effective dates, and current medical and/or dental providers.

Total Compensation Package

This resource provides information as to the value of the various benefits, discounts and assistance provided with employment at WSU.  Page 1 provides the actual value of the benefit;  Page 2 is an example scenario; Page 3 provides details and assumptions used in this resource.

How Can I Help with the Budget FAQ


The Affordable Care Act and Information
About the Marketplace

Effective January 1, 2104, individuals and families will have a new insurance option available through the ACA Marketplace. Most WSU benefit eligible employees will not need to pursue that option, however, it may be applicable to employees who do not have coverage. For information about the Affordable Care Act, as well as the Marketplace, click on the link below.


WA HealthPlanFinder News Announcement  - "As Washington HealthPlanFinder Opens, Officials Urge Consumers to Be Vigilant Against Fraud"








Benefits News


Find archived benefits information here.

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