Staff Recruitment Toolkit

Staff Recruitment Process

Human Resource Services (HRS) has created the following tools, broken into 5 distinct phases to provide assistance and guidance for the recruitment and hiring of Administrative Professional (AP) and Classified Staff (CS) positions.

The HR Service Team for each area/college is available to assist with appropriate recruitment and hiring processes, as well as, the use of OPDRS.

Phase 1: Prepare

Familiarize yourself with WSU’s recruitment process and policies or refresh your search knowledge:

  • Staff Recruitment Basics | WSU custom online training
  • Staff Recruitment Checklist | Search committee roles + responsibilities checklist
  • Search Committee Guide | Detailed roles + responsibilities guide
  • OPDRS | Access the Online Position Description & Recruitment System (OPDRS)
  • Recruitment for Administrative Professional Positions, BPPM 60.17
  • Recruitment for Classified Positions, BPPM 60.18
  • Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines, BPPM 60.08
  • Candidate Guest Guidelines | Details on inviting guests (spouse/partner/etc) to on-campus interviews
  • Implicit Association Test | IATs (Implicit Association Tests) are tools to demonstrate and examine conscious and unconscious divergences related to attitudes and beliefs about race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and other social categories

Prepare and organize your evaluation tools:

Phase 2: Advertise & Outreach

Develop and execute your outreach strategy to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants: 

Phase 3: Screen & Interview

Use the tools below to conduct an interview that positively promotes employment opportunities at WSU

Phase 4: Perform Reference & Background Checks

Take a deep dive into the candidate’s background by performing reference and background checks:

Phase 5: Hire & Onboard


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