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WSU Training for Supervisors

Washington State University recognizes the impact front-line supervisors have on the quality of work, level of productivity and work attitude of the employees they direct. Effective supervisory training, therefore, is linked to the success of the University.

The WSU Training for Supervisors Series consists of courses that thoroughly explore issues of supervision and management. It is comprised of online courses, live seminars, interactive practicums and roundtable discussions. This blended learning approach allows participants to practice the skills required to be successful by applying specific learning objectives to hypothetical case studies drawn from the workplace.

Among the topics addressed are recruitment processes, performance management, communication, leave policies and corrective action. Each course is facilitated by WSU professionals whose responsibilities include advising supervisors on workplace issues and concerns.

All current supervisors and managers are welcome to attend these courses. Review the schedule below and use the associated links to register for each course of interest to you. The live workshops are available statewide via AMS Videoconferencing Services. For those whose schedules or locations do not allow participation in the series as scheduled, Online Training for Supervisors offers comparable courses to consider.

Newly promoted and newly hired Civil Service supervisors may be required to complete the entire series as set forth by WAC 357-34. If you are a new supervisor or manager and you feel you may be exempt from this training, download and complete the Audit Form and return to Human Resource Services, Campus Zip 1014.

Contact Human Resource Services for more information.

WSU Training for Supervisors

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Core Requirements

These courses emphasize WSU policies, procedures, practices and processes common to the topics addressed. Participation is limited to current supervisors, managers and leads.

Position Descriptions, Expectations and Annual Reviews

This course examines the first two building blocks of Washington State University performance management: job descriptions and job expectations. The steps in writing a current and accurate job description including qualifications and the identification of mental and physical requirements are provide. Additional topics include the concept and requirements of a well written job expectation and how to group job expectations for use in performance evaluations and annual reviews. In addition, this course will also examine the purpose and value of regular performance evaluations/annual reviews.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Supplemental Materials | PowerPoint Presentation | Enroll in upcoming session

Understanding and Managing Leave

This workshop addresses the most typical leave issues mangers and supervisors need to manage. It addresses such questions as:

– What type of leave should my employees be using?
– When is their leave request something I handle at the departmental level, and when should it be directed to HRS?
– How can the work be done when I have an employee who is off work for an extended period of time?

Course Materials Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation | Enroll in upcoming session

Corrective Action and Discipline

This courses enhances management skills by reviewing WSU’s corrective action and disciplinary processes and discussing actual corrective / disciplinary action cases. Learn from others’ experiences.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Department Expectations | PowerPoint Presentation | Enroll in upcoming session

Performance Management Case Studies

This course allows for guided practice in applying the knowledge and skills learned in the first half of Washington State University’s supervisory training series. A case study / simulation approach provides opportunities to test applications of supervisory principles.

Course Materials: None | Enroll in upcoming session

Supervisory Roundtable Discussion: Performance Management Issues

This roundtable discussion offers WSU supervisors an opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas, opinions and solutions on a variety of issues important to performance management. The conversation is facilitated by a Human Resource Professional and will include such topics as position descriptions, performance expectations, annual reviews, leave and corrective action.

Course Materials: None to download | Enroll in upcoming session

Equal Opportunity Issues for Supervisors

This class addresses equal employment opportunity, workplace discrimination, and sexual harassment. Specifically it describes the role of the Washington State University supervisor in regard to minimizing institutional liability in these areas.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation | Executive Policy # 15 | Executive Policy # 28 | Enroll in upcoming session

Workplace Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback

This course reviews the development stages of teams and emphasizes the importance of clear communication in the workplace. Special attention is devoted to identifying different communication styles and the skills required to give effective feedback. The workshop includes an interactive survey and role plays.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | Enroll in upcoming session

Supervising Student and Hourly Workers

This course addresses best practices for supervising temporary hourly employees including performance management, workers’ compensation and understanding benefit eligibility. In addition, there will be a roundtable discussion to provide WSU supervisors an opportunity to share ideas, opinions and solutions on these topics.

Course Materials: Handout | TIPS for TEMPS | Enroll in upcoming session

Workplace Issues Case Studies

As the capstone course of Washington State University’s supervisory training series, this workshop provides additional practice in applying the knowledge and principles of the series in a guided application.

Course Materials: Presentation Notes | PowerPoint Presentation | Enroll in upcoming session

Supervisory Roundtable Discussion: Recruitment and Hiring Issues

This roundtable discussion offers WSU supervisors an opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas, opinions and solutions on a variety of issues important to recruitment and hiring. The conversation is facilitated by a Human Resource Professional and will include such topics as notice of vacancies, EEO/AA issues, screening and interviewing candidates, and onboarding new hires.

Course Materials: None to download | Enroll in upcoming session


Additional Requirements

These topics represent a blend of online courses and live instructor-led sessions open to all WSU employees.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor – Online

This online course provides an overview of the multiple roles and legal responsibilities of the supervisor. Additionally, the four primary functions of the supervisor are addressed along with the supervisor’s responsibilities to the organization and to the employees.

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Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention – Online

This online training focuses on issues of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Discussion includes appropriate/inappropriate behavior, options for those subjected to inappropriate behavior, and supervisory responsibilities when such issues arise.

This is the training required of all Faculty, Administrative Professional, and Civil Service and Bargaining Unit employees.

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Fair Labor Standards Act – Online

This online course provides an overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its application within Washington State University. It explains who is covered under FLSA, outlines the Washington Administrative Code overtime standards, reviews meal and rest period requirements, provides guidance for hours worked during travel, highlights potential penalties for non-compliance, and demonstrates an overall overtime management approach for supervisors.

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Labor Relations – Online

This online course addresses the statutory provisions for collective bargaining, current Washington State laws and regulations associated with collective bargaining and civil service reform, the labor relations structure at WSU, bargaining unit employee rights, the role of stewards, and the grievance procedure.

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WSU Staff Recruitment Basics – Online or ILT

This online course is designed to give hiring managers a practical understanding of the recruitment process for Civil Service and Administrative Professional positions. It describes the legal framework for recruitment, the individual recruitment phases, and best practice tips to consider during the overall process.

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Supervisor as Safety Manager

WSU is dedicated to providing a workplace where employees can be productive and free from injury and in complying with state safety laws. This course includes information on the New Employee Safety Checklist, the Supervisors’ Safety Manual, WSU’s Accident Prevention Program, Hostile Intruder Response, WSU’s Alert System and the supervisor’s role in performing inspections and reporting and investigating accidents.

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Equity 101: Defining and Cultivating Inclusive Excellence at WSU

In this interactive workshop, the presenters will articulate WSU values related to equity and inclusive excellence as participants, both in person and via 25Live videoconferencing, engage in exploring key terms related to equity and inclusion, examine notions of intent versus impact, and build knowledge around affirming language. This workshop is intended as a pilot to help shape a developmental series for participants to gain and build upon knowledge, skills, caring, and action across the institution.

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State Ethics Law

This overview of the Ethics in Public Service requirements addresses such questions as: To whom do the ethics requirements apply? Who is responsible for interpreting ethics laws and adopting ethics regulations? What are the major principles of the ethics requirements? Where can I obtain further information?

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Whistleblower Act

The intent of the Whistleblower Act enacted by the Washington State Legislature is to provide an avenue for state employees to report improper governmental actions. State law preserves the confidentiality of people who file assertions of improper governmental actions and of people who provide information for whistleblower investigations.

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Time Report Training

Do you have administrative responsibility for reviewing and/or signing time reports for employees? Are you an employee who is uncertain how to properly complete a time report? This course provides information on leave accruals, accurate time reporting, how to document overtime and much, much more. Come to this session to learn how to accurately maintain time reports and understand how critical accurate time reporting is.

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Recommended Courses for Further Study

Though not requirements of the series, these course provide information that is valuable to all supervisors.

WSU Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of Washington State University has been developed to achieve significant progress toward our institution’s aspiration of becoming one of the nation’s leading land-grant universities, preeminent in research and discovery, teaching, and engagement. The plan emphasizes the institution’s unique role as an accessible, approachable research institution that provides opportunities to an especially broad array of students while serving Washington state’s broad portfolio of social and economic needs.

This session features a discussion led by Dr. Erica Austin, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. She will describe the process through which the Strategic Plan was formed, the key themes and central emphases embodied within the plan, and the role of each University employee in accomplishing its goals.

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Business Policies, Procedures and Records Retention

This workshop discusses how to use the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, how the manual is updated and its history. Records scheduling, records retention and state records requirements are also examined.

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Computer and Network Security Awareness

This course highlights best computer security practices – and most common mistakes – to help you protect yourself from hoaxes, spyware, phishing, ID theft, copyright issues, spam, viruses, social engineering. Appropriate WSU policies are also identified.

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Managing Pressure and Stress to Optimize Your Performance

Meeting the challenge of high-pressure situations is a different experience for everyone. You will not always be able to control the external events that lead to pressure, but you can control your reaction, develop a solution, and implement it. In this course, you will:

  • Learn triggers of stress and how stress can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Explore mechanisms for handling pressure and stress in the workplace in order to optimize performance
  • Discover the ways in which people who possess different work-style types deal with pressure
  • Learn how to deal with stressed colleagues

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Dreaded Conversations: Effectively Communicating Difficult News

Various Dates

This interactive workshop emphasizes active listening skills as the basis of effective communication. Participants will also practice strategies for approaching difficult conversations, using dialogue to improve understanding, and thinking about formal and informal communication systems in the workplace.

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Emotional Intelligence

Various Dates

This session is designed to provide an overview of the components of Emotional Intelligence, as well as to facilitate discussion on how we use it in our own management and leadership roles. Areas of application include corrective and disciplinary actions, effective communication and team development.

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Employment Issues: Roundtable Discussion with the AGO

This session, facilitated by the Attorney General’s Office, is intended to provide an update on current trends in employment law including recent legislative action, issues coming from the state and federal courts that may impact how we respond to employee concerns or behaviors, and the current state of union representation at WSU.

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Public Records and Records Requests

This course is designed to acquaint managers with the basics of the Public Records Law, the types of records that are public and must be produced, the new WSU policy relating to public records, the process for responding thereto and the university Public Records Office.

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Supervisor as Leader

This module examines a variety of leadership styles, provides an overview of different leadership theories and focuses upon the application of Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model.

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